States That Have Surrendered to ISIS

Daily Kos: “Recent polls show that not only are Republicans unhappy with Obama’s handling of Daesh … but so are Democrats. The extreme paranoia exhibited by American politicians, pundits, and terrorism ‘experts’ is so overblown as to be ludicrous … Americans are safer today from outside threats than we have been in a long time, maybe ever. The Daesh threat to Americans is miniscule, and the data prove it.”

“But, but, ISIS is in the news all the time, aren’t they killing lots of Americans? Shouldn’t we be really afraid? Well, actually, no. In 2013, all domestic and international terrorists killed exactly 16 Americans. Three died in the Boston Marathon bombing, the rest died in overseas attacks. Sixteen Americans. So if you live in the U.S.A., your odds of being killed by a terrorist were (and are still) one in 20 million (16 deaths out of 330 million Americans). And if you didn’t leave the country, your chances improved to one in 110 million.”

As the CDC mortality tables show, “more people died from TV and appliance tip-overs (based on 2011 data) than from terrorism. Twenty times more people died from appendicitis than from terrorist attacks. Four times as many Americans died from machinery-related carbon monoxide poisoning. And during the same 12-month period, for every single terrorist fatality, more than 200 people STARVED TO DEATH in America.”


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  1. Ummmm… what does the graphic mean. You need to explain what it means and how it applies to your article. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s supposed to be implied, and the article at Daily Kos you copied did the same thing, but… you still need to explain.
    Or do I need to explain… why you need to explain??

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