An Obamacare Fear That Didn’t Happen

Washington Post: “During the debate over President Obama’s signature health care law, opponents warned that the law would discourage large numbers of Americans from working, force millions into part-time jobs and make it more difficult to find work. Three new studies released this week suggest that, so far, it hasn’t happened.”

“They found that overall, the Affordable Care Act had little impact on employment patterns.”

One study, published in the journal Health Affairs, “is the latest in a series to conclude that Obamacare did not, in fact, widely result in more firms asking employees to to work part time.”

“The authors examined Census data, and found no increase in the likelihood of working part time, except for a 0.18 percentage point increase in the likelihood of working 25 to 29 hours per week between 2013 and 2014 — a trend that the authors say predated the ACA.”

“The study included another piece of evidence that appears to contradict the notion that the law would cause an increase in part-time work: the number of people working 25 to 29 hours a week in firms not subject to the mandate increased between 2012 and 2015, while the number of people at firms subject to the mandate slightly decreased.”

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