GOP Obamacare Alternatives: Repeal, Then What?

Wall Street Journal: “Every GOP presidential candidate’s health-policy platform begins with repealing the law, but for most, that’s also where it ends, at least for now.

“Questions about how they would pull back a law that’s largely been implemented—and what, if anything, they would enact in its place—have gone largely unanswered in a primary contest dominated by national-security issues.”

“Among the 12 candidates still in the GOP race, only two, ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, have posted health plans, and both use broad brush-strokes.”

“Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has described his health-policy ideas in a few paragraphs in an op-ed piece that also indicates support for such measures … The current front-runners, businessman Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, have said little concrete.”

“Chris Jacobs, a writer for Conservative Review who had previously helped Mr. Jindal write his plan, said he was worried that delaying the debate over specifics could harm a Republican nominee once elected because voters might revolt over the kind of ‘trade-offs’ that are inevitable in health policy, such as the price-tag that comes with government efforts to extend insurance coverage.”

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