GOP Has Perfected Obamacare Repeal, But Replace With What?

Des Moine Register‘s Editorial: “Every remaining Republican presidential candidate supports repealing the Affordable Care Act. Yet their ideas for replacing the law are ‘still works in progress,’ according to a headline last week in the Wall Street Journal.”

“There is a reason a Republican-controlled Congress for years failed to reduce the number of uninsured Americans and it took a Democratic-controlled Congress more than a year to agree on the reform law: This is complicated stuff … Sound bites and half-baked ideas offered by candidates do not even begin to substitute for the existing law.”

“Perhaps this crop of presidential candidates doesn’t understand just how expensive health care is in this country. Those who hold public office enjoy coverage subsidized by taxpayers. Those who are wealthy can pay for health expenses themselves. The majority of Americans are not so fortunate.”

“Dismantling a law that has been implemented in every state would be disastrous for local governments, health providers, insurance companies, businesses and average Americans. Instead of talking more nonsense about abolishing a 6-year-old law, candidates should share their ideas for how they’d improve it.”

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