• pisher

    Surprised Cruz isn’t doing worse with Dems and Independents. Still really bad, but not much worse than Jeb.

    How can Trump have such high negatives and high poll numbers at the same time?

    How much of the way people feel about a candidate has to do with what they think his/her chances of winning or losing are? Rubio and Jeb are doing horribly with Dems–Jeb you could put down to the Bush name, but why is Rubio polling almost as badly as Huckabee, one of the most hated conservatives in the country, somebody who has never even tried to get Dems to like him? Because Rubio is considered more of a threat. He might actually win the general.

    So is part of the huge dislike for Trump that Dems are afraid he might actually be POTUS? Combined with his personality, of course. Something Rubio can barely be said to even possess. 😉

    This suggests he’d be the best possible motivator for people to get out and vote, for or against him, and he’s said as much himself.

    And high turnout tends to bode ill for the GOP as far as congress is concerned.

    • Calbengoshi

      Trump’s high negatives among Dems and Inds doesn’t affect his standing in the polls relating to the GOP nomination because those polls don’t reflect the views of Dems and Inds. The polls that show Trump behind both Sanders and Clinton are the ones that include Dems and Inds.

      I doubt that the way people feel about a candidate is a reflection of their view regarding the candidate’s chances of winning. More likely, the way they feel about a candidate affects, rather than being affected by, the candidate’s chances of winning.

      I have no idea why you think Huckabee is “one of the most hated conservatives in the country,” but I don’t think that is an accurate description. As for why Rubio’s negatives among Dems are so high, I think that primarily is based on his positions on the issues and his lack of trustworthiness as shown by his complete u-turn on immigration issues.

      I agree that high turnout tends to bode ill for the GOP.

      • pisher

        I get what you’re saying, but he’s not actually that well-liked by Republicans, going by these numbers. Sixth place in the ratings, first place in the polls.

        It’s not all about likability. More than anything else, party loyalists want a winner.

        (Though there are some Democratic voters I can think of who are the exception to that rule).

        • Liz

          I think the reason Hillary’s negatives are high, and they hurt her, is that her negatives are part of the media narrative about her, just as Sanders’ radicalism is about him. Every time the media remarks that Hillary is “perceived” as untrustworthy, it cements the idea, even when there is no truth either to the perception or to the fact (the worst actual lie I can think of for her is her boast of landing under fire in Bosnia). Similarly, Rubio is reported on as being “establishment,” and thus by implication moderate, although his ideas are in truth no less radically right than Trump’s, and not much less than Cruz’s. And Kasich is universally referred to as moderate, when his views are quite far left. There are no moderates on the Republican debate stage, but media wants to depict a spectrum.

          • mttwls

            I think you mean Kasich’s views are quite far right. Agree completely otherwise.

          • pisher

            I think you mean Kasich’s views are far right (and by the standards of the previous century they are), but yeah, the narrative can be hard to shake.

            I trust Hillary as much as I trust any politician, and anybody running a major campaign for POTUS is a politician, by definition. I don’t think Bernie Sanders is a true radical, though he’s doing a good impression of it with his populist rhetoric Rubio became the establishment guy more or less by default (and now he’s regretting it, trying to break out of that mold, but too late).

            The narrative isn’t so much a lie as a carefully shaped truth, leaving out important details–a form of shorthand that most of us can’t read properly.

    • 8yearsoffear

      What personality? You mean the clown running the clown show?

  • nanotab

    In terms of the “net favorable rating”, one needs to know how “no opinion” and “never heard of him/her” are treated. E.g., Kasich has the least negative “net favorable rating” but probably a rather high percentage of those surveyed “never heard of him” and/or “had no opinion” because he doesn’t have the media attention and name recognition of most of the others.

  • Kathryn Pegelow

    The Democrats hate Trump because he is a real threat to their candidate. Bush’s rise is temporary due to the Lindsay Graham endorsement, however, Graham was also a loser and two wrongs do not make a right.

    • 8yearsoffear

      No we dislike him because we do not want to go back to the Bush years. You know the president that almost destroyed America! The one who was losing 700,00 jobs a month when he left. The President that deregulated banks and Wall street and watched on as America’s economic collapse almost sent us back to the stone ages. No I will never even consider going back to those days or voting for a Repubilcan again.

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