The Best and Worst of a Trump Presidency

Gallup: “Asked to name the best or most positive thing about a possible Donald Trump presidency if he were to be elected in 2016, Americans most commonly volunteer his business background, policies on immigration and honesty — that he says what he feels. Other positives mentioned by at least 5% of Americans are his confidence — that he doesn’t back down — and that he would improve the economy. More than four in 10 cannot name anything positive about a potential Trump presidency.”

Suppose Donald Trump is elected president in 2016. In your view, what would be the best or most positive thing about a Donald Trump presidency? January 2016 results

“A clear majority of Republicans are able to come up with a negative aspect of Trump in the White House, also underscoring that by no means do all of those who identify with his party view him positively. Trump’s outsized personality is a dominant part of the way Americans are judging him and his campaign for the presidency. In particular, his personal style and way of expressing himself have become a major part of what Americans say would be the worst things about a possible Trump presidency. At the same time, some of Trump’s personality traits are viewed as positives, including his saying what he feels and not backing down from his controversial statements.”

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