Which State Ranks Highest in Job Creation?

Gallup: “Minnesota led the 50 states on Gallup’s Job Creation Index with an average score in 2015 of +38, based on workers’ reports of hiring activity at their place of employment. Georgia and Utah were next at +36. North Dakota, which had been the top overall state each of the last six years, remains in the top 10.”


“Alaska had the lowest Job Creation Index score in 2015 at +12, with 31% of working Alaskans saying their employer was hiring workers and 19% saying it was letting workers go. West Virginia was next at +18, followed by Wyoming at +20. Connecticut ranked in the bottom 10 again — the only state to finish in the bottom 10 each of the eight years of Gallup’s trend.”

“The weaker performance in energy-producing states presents an interesting economic challenge, as low gas prices benefit consumers, but at the same time, they are not good for energy companies or the Americans who work for them. That also underscores the vulnerability of state and local economies reliant on a specific industry. When that industry struggles, the local economy will as well. A diversified economy is the way to avoid booms and busts, although diversification may be a goal easier aspired to than achieved in reality.”


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