Which Party Benefits from Increased Immigration?

Wall Street Journal: “’Noncitizen/undocumented immigrants are both the enemy and the raison d’être of some politicians,’ wrote Anna Maria Mayda of Georgetown University, Giovanni Peri at the University of California, Davis,  and Walter Steingress at the Bank of France. Their research was published this week as a working paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research.”

“The authors find that both effects do happen. Immigrants who become voting citizens really are more likely to support Democrats, while rising immigration really does cause native voters to more heavily favor Republicans.”

“The key takeaway of the research is that increasing immigration would, on net, boost Democrats in 353 districts. It would only boost Republicans in 55 districts.”

“The districts in which Republicans are boosted [are] districts with a lot of immigration that make voters more likely to vote Republican.”

“Or, in other words, a little bit of immigration helps Democrats by giving them new voters, but a lot of it helps Republicans by driving native voters’ worries … Yes, immigrants who can vote help Democrats; immigrants who can’t vote help Republicans. But both parties appear to face some clear and surprising electoral risks of overdoing it or underdoing it on immigration.”

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