The Unstoppable Renewables Revolution

Joe Romm, writing in Think Progress, explains why “it is turning out to be less challenging than expected to incorporate more and more renewables into the electric grid — and to handle periods of time when demand is high but the wind isn’t blowing and/or the sun isn’t shining.”

“Researchers concluded that ‘with improvements in transmission infrastructure, weather-driven renewable resources could supply most of the nation’s electricity at costs similar to today’s’ … [and] a transition to a reliable, low-carbon, electrical generation and transmission system can be accomplished with commercially available technology and within 15 years.”

“Half or more of the ‘intermittency problem’ is really a ‘predictability problem.’ If we could predict with high accuracy wind availability and solar availability 24 to 36 hours in advance at a regional level, then electricity operators have many strategies available to them … An even cheaper way to fill the gap from clouds or a lull in winds is to use ‘demand response.‘”

“A second way to deal with the variability of wind and solar photovoltaics is to integrate electricity storage into the grid … battery prices are coming down sharply, as huge investments are being made in various types of battery technologies by electric car companies and others, including utilities. That’s a key reason battery storage for the electric grid use has started to grow rapidly in this country and around the world.” There are loads of different types of batteries that you could get though, for example, you could get something like this deep cycle solar battery. However, you need to do your research first to find what’s best for you. As this type of battery might not work for your specific needs. However, having a solar battery is incredibly useful to have though, that’s probably why they are becoming more popular with people.


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