Cruz on Military Spending is Big Government

Daily Kos: Sen. Ted Cruz has “talked about giving our nation’s bloated war budget a big boost if he becomes president. As if spending more than the next 14 countries combined isn’t enough.”

“His proposal to increase the Pentagon’s budget … to 4.1 percent of gross domestic product during his first two years in office would raise the 2017 fiscal year budget to $738 billion, a 26 percent increase from what President Obama has proposed. That compares with the peak war budget of $699 billion in 2011.”

“Cruz doesn’t want to raise taxes to accomplish this—golly, no. Rather, he wants to pay for it by dumping the Internal Revenue Service and four Cabinet-level departments: Education, Housing and Urban Development, Energy, and Commerce.”

“Fifty-four percent of federal discretionary spending now flows to the military. But that’s only so when a narrow view is taken regarding what comprises military spending. The overall Veterans Affairs budget including benefits and health care adds another 7 percent in discretionary spending. There is also national security spending for international FBI activities, Selective Service, the National Defense Stockpile, and other miscellaneous defense-related activities that add another 4 percent. An additional 5 percent goes to Homeland Security functions that are not part of the Department of Defense or Department of Energy. So federal discretionary spending that actually goes for national security purposes is 70 percent.”


  1. Did he remember all the departments he wants to cut this time?

    Sure you didn’t leave any out this time, Teddy boy?

    Whatever happens, you’re not cutting a damn thing. You lost in South Carolina, and you’re only leading Trump by about six points in your own state. It’s over. 😀

  2. Because I don’t think Cruz is likely to become President, I am not particularly concerned about his proposal to increase spending on the military and other “national security” programs.

    However, when even a Dem President who is reviled by the GOP for being soft on our “enemies” proposes a budget in which roughly 70% of discretionary spending is allocated to the military and other “national security” programs, I do think we as a nation have a serious problem.

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