It’s About the Economy, Stupid

Gallup: “More than six in 10 Republicans and independents who lean Republican say Donald Trump would be best at dealing with the economy/jobs and the federal budget deficit as president, compared with less than 20% who pick either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.”


“Republicans choose Donald Trump, who promises to “make America great again” — as the best GOP candidate for handling the economy and federal budget deficit as president. These strengths appear to be at the core of his support, tying in with the persistent economic anxiety Republicans express on a host of Gallup measures, such as confidence in the economy and their own economic progress.”

“At the same time, Republicans — including many who favor his nomination — seem to be well aware that Trump has weaknesses. They implicitly acknowledge Trump’s unusual brashness, giving Rubio the most credit for having the right temperament to be president. Republicans also acknowledge that Trump is not the most conservative candidate, giving Cruz credit for the conservatism that has become his signature message. Given that Republicans in this poll favor Trump to win their party’s nomination, they appear to be willing to overlook the front-runner’s deficiencies.”


      1. I’d call it a statement of plain fact.

        Can you think of a better explanation for Trump?

        Or Cruz, or Rubio, or Carson, or etc.

        Were you under the impression that you represent the party of good manners?

        How odd.


    1. I think the majority is right here. Trump isn’t a fiscal conservative- so he IS the most likely GOP candidate to not tank the economy!

  1. Trump gives Republican primary voters an option they haven’t had in a while. Trump has been critical of massive overseas spending on wars and the lack of infrastructure spending at home. These views may not represent a majority of Republicans, but Trump is the only one drawing voters with those views on the Republican side.

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