What Were the Top Topics in Last Night’s Debate?

Philip Bump: “The 11th Republican debate was pretty insane, even measured against the high bar for craziness that the preceding 10 had set. Google makes neat little charts showing what topics people were Googling, but they don’t include topics like ‘Trump’s steak brand’ or ‘Trump’s meat.'”

“We track the topics people were most interested in minute-by-minute. And the biggest spike came as Ted Cruz was talking about his postcard-sized tax form (which was actually supposed to be an answer about who does the work of the IRS if you get rid of the IRS).”

Rising searches for Trump:

  • trump debate
  • trump steaks
  • donald trump age
  • how old is donald trump

We’ll note that the Cruz lip incident coincided with the tax discussion. So the rising searches for Cruz:

  • ted cruz booger
  • ted cruz mouth
  • ted cruz tax postcard

We are an elegant species.

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  • pisher

    They left out “Trump Penis.”

    Which I’m sure is every bit as successful as Trump Steaks.


    • also trump penis cruz mouth

      • Unsphexish

        This was a Google infographic, not PornHub.

        I just made myself ill.

      • Alki

        Damn, it’s like political wire after dark over here.

  • James E Fallen

    The media had a field day with Trump’s lies. As if he never said any of that stuff before. Are those lies any worse than telling people that tax cuts for the rich will make their lives more prosperous? Or that the ACA makes health care too costly and takes jobs away? The former are the rantings of a mad man (who may soon be running for President). The latter are Republican orthodoxy. Do they ever have anything positive to say? And they wonder why they lose.

    • pisher

      True–though let it be said, Democrats keep getting enamored of candidates who are too far out of the mainstream, don’t know how to appeal to anyone who doesn’t already agree with them, and are not nearly charismatic enough to overcome any of that, and then they wonder why THEY lose.

      Let them worry about why they lose, while we think about how to WIN.

  • Unsphexish

    We are an elegant species.

    This sarcasm works for both the story about the searches, and the overall quality and content of the debate. +1!

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