Car Dealers Get Pushed Out by Political Ads

“When political campaigns begin to flood local TV markets with commercials, car dealers get squeezed for airtime more than any other advertisers,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Local automotive dealers predominantly buy ads during the local news—the same programming where political campaigns and outside groups concentrate much of their spending, according to research from analytics firm Kantar Media. In fact, Kantar Media’s analysis of eight markets in 2014 showed that car dealers ran slightly more than half of all their ads during local news shows, while more than 60% of political ads appeared on those same programs.”


  1. Maybe the candidates could plug local dealerships during their ads?

    Nah. Aside from the obvious legal barriers, nobody would buy a used car from any of those guys. 😉

  2. ‘Anyone’ that would buy a car with only an AD for information….Is the same thing as ‘Anyone’ that would vote for a Candidate with only an AD for information. ……. Unfortunately we only have “Lemon Laws” for Autos. 😉

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