Measure to Hike Minimum Wage Makes California Ballot

“A proposal to raise California’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by the year 2021 has qualified to be listed on the upcoming November ballot in the state,” Reuters reports.

“The development comes as a wave of minimum wage increases at the state level sweeps the United States as the federal minimum wage has gone more than six years without an increase from $7.25 an hour.”



  1. It now appears that a political compromise has been reached on the issue of the minimum wage in California that will result in retraction of this ballot proposal. As reported by the LA Times, in return for retracting this proposal the legislature will enact a bill raising the minimum wage in CA to $10.50/hour in 2017, $11/hour in 2018, and then by $1/hour each year for the next over a period of four years so that the minimum wage in CA will become $15/hour in 2022, with adjustments to be made in the following years based on inflation.

    Assuming the deal goes through as reported, it will be interesting to see the impact that it has on minimum wage laws elsewhere, and on the 2016 presidential campaign. And, of course, eventually it will provide economists, politicians and voters with a real world example of what happens when the minimum wage is increased significantly.

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