Germans Were Actually Paid to Consume Electricity

Quartz: “On Sunday, May 8, Germany hit a new high in renewable energy generation. Thanks to a sunny and windy day, at one point around 1pm the country’s solar, wind, hydro and biomass plants were supplying about 55 GW of the 63 GW being consumed, or 87%. Power prices actually went negative for several hours, meaning commercial customers were being paid to consume electricity.”


  1. This isn’t a new thing. Germans who were rich enough to invest in solar panels have been reaping this kind of benefit for years–it’s happened in America too. But for commercial consumers of electricity–who consume much more of it–that’s genuinely impressive.

    I believe they are still buying nuclear-generated power from France, though. Sun does not shine there all the time.

  2. We might be there too if Reagan et al hadn’t removed the solar panels from the White House roof and then slashed alternative energy and conservation initiatives that started in the 1970s. It’s an ugly legacy.

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