Trump Says Wind Turbines Are Killing Eagles

In a rare prepared speech, Donald Trump outlined his energy policy in Bismarck, North Dakota, MSNBC reports.

“Trump is known for bucking conservative orthodoxy but, on Thursday, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee largely hewed to the typical Republican line. Reading from a teleprompter, Trump called for reducing restrictions on energy exploration, opening up more federal lands to drilling, and reducing dependence on foreign oil. He said he would try to reopen negotiations to build the Keystone XL pipeline, which President Obama rejected.”

“Trump’s contempt for regulations did not seem to extend to renewable energy, though, where he complained that wind turbines were ‘killing all of the eagles’ and predicted the industry would fail without subsidies.”


  1. “I’m going to talk about one environmental consequence to wind power as a way of distracting you from the many more serious environmental consequences of drilling and mining, which are more profitable for me and my rich friends in the short term, and by the time the bill comes due we’ll all be dead anyway, so who gives a shit?”

  2. It is true that Turbines have killed eagles. So have high power lines (they make great perches). Studies have shown (potentially) hundreds of thousands of birds being killed by turbines. But he should look up the number of birds killed by domestic cats in Britain last year. (Spoiler: over a billion) Think Don! Is this important? This “killing eagles” is straight out of the Clean Coal/ Homeland Institute machine. I just wish reporters were better prepared to deal with this crap.

    1. Who the hell can prepare for a guy who changes the topic every other minute, and makes shit up off the top of his blaze orange head? When’s the last time he said anything about eagle conservation? I would have thought he’d be relieved to see the eagle population decimated, considering how much they clearly hate his guts.

      Our national symbol, and a bird that means a lot to many Americans. But still just one species. And for that matter, so are we.

      1. I have a brother who is a bit wacky (I love him but he is nuts) and so I am practiced in dealing with this junk. The instant that reporters figured out that Roger Stone was part of his inner circle (last November?) they should have brushed up on conspiriology (the study of conspiracies-trademark!) It really doesn’t take long. These guys are not deep thinkers.

        1. Fair point. But that’s one hell of a lot of crackpot theories to brush up on. Chemtrails, vaccination causes autism–has he gone after the Sasquatch vote yet? Or does he want to deport all the Sasquatches? Probably came here from Mexico.

          Just discussing this stuff with him–even to debunk it–helps legitimize it. The way to deal with Trump would have been to not give him so much damn attention. But we the people made sure that wouldn’t happen by watching everything the media aired about him. Nobody deserves more blame for this than us–for the Bernie Sanders debacle as well. We’d rather be entertained than governed. :

  3. Wonk Wire should have provided some facts (or at least estimates of facts). How many eagles are there in the U.S.? in states with wind turbines? How many eagles per year die from wind turbines – as compared to other deaths? Are wind turbines affecting the size of the eagle population in the U.S.? I find snippets of articles like this one that only repeat one of Trump’s outrageous assertions but with no statements about its probable validity extremely annoying.

    1. It’s an absolute fact that wind turbines are killing eagles–mostly Golden Eagles. Does Trump give a damn about that? Of course not. It’s just a way of muddying the waters, which is what he does best.

      With study, we can find ways to greatly diminish bird kills from wind turbines. But climate change is a greater threat by far to wildlife–not to mention us.

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