Why Do Americans Fear Immigration? 

Vox: “Voters express a range of concerns about immigration to the United States, but according to new polling done in partnership with Vox by Morning Consult… concerns about physical security — crime and terrorism — are more important than concerns about jobs and the economy.”

When asked their biggest concern about immigration, 26% of respondents cited national security, while 18% said it weakens the economy. 14% said it weakens American values, and 13% feared an increase in crime.

“Limiting the sample to working-class voters, defined as those without a college degree, national security (24 percent) still trumps the economy (20 percent) as a top concern about immigration, with crime named by an additional 13 percent of non-college respondents. Low-income respondents with household income below $50,000 are similarly more likely to cite security (24 percent) than the economy (20 percent) as their main worry about immigration.”

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