Trump’s Coalition Looks a Lot Like Brexit Voters

Bloomberg Politics: “If the Britons who powered Brexit to victory were Americans, they’d look a lot like Donald Trump voters.”

“Both camps are fueled by older, working-class whites spurred by nationalism and nostalgia for a bygone era. Their economic prospects have diminished in an era of globalization, and they feel that immigration is damaging their pocketbooks and their cultural identity. And they think the elites aren’t listening.”

“Yet the faster pace of demographic transformation in U.S. makes Trump’s task of assembling a winning majority more difficult than the Leave campaign’s road to victory. The American electorate of more ethnically diverse voters, along with the state-by-state nature of the U.S. presidential election, give his opponent, Hillary Clinton, a major advantage—and are factors not mirrored in the Leave referendum.”

“Still, a rising tide of populism and distrust of political elites in the U.S., similar to that which fueled Brexit, gave even Clinton a scare in her Democratic primary, where democratic-socialist insurgent Bernie Sanders won millions of vote and exceeded expectations.”

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