5 Facts About Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy

Pew Research Center: “Here’s a roundup of key Pew Research Center findings on views of Hillary Clinton, her politics and the impact she would have on Washington.”

“1) More voters say they know a lot about where Clinton stands on important issues than say the same about Trump.”

“2) Few voters think gender will hurt Clinton this fall. Only about one-in-ten registered voters (12%) say the fact that Clinton is a woman will hurt her this fall. Most say it will either help her (40%) or not make a difference (45%).”

“3) Supporters and opponents see Clinton’s political views differently.”

“4) Many voters – including many of her supporters – doubt Clinton will change Washington much.”

“5) Democrats feel warmly toward Clinton, while Republican views of her are very cold. Hillary Clinton is a polarizing figure in U.S. politics.”

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