Don’t Wait for Washington to Fix Health Care

Real Clear Policy: “Democratic and Republican governors know that rising health-care costs — for public employees and those with Medicaid — are, increasingly, restricting spending on other state priorities, from education to roads and bridges. They also know a bitterly divided Washington is unlikely to provide any help any time soon. Yet there are plenty of levers governors can pull to help bring costs in line, especially by increasing competition in health-care markets.”

“1. Incorporate reference pricing for common procedures and tests into state benefit designs… The Health Care Cost Institute estimates that as much as 43 percent of spending through employer-based coverage is attributable to potentially “shoppable” services that could benefit from tools like reference pricing.”

“2. Ban anti-tiering provisions. Large hospital systems can use their leverage to prevent insurers from offering patients lower co-pays at less expensive in-network hospitals (a strategy called tiered networks).”

“3. Drive price transparency by setting up an all-payer claims database (APCD). APCDs collect information on all health-care claims paid from all payers. Pricing information allows consumers, employers, and providers to shop for the best values.”

“4. Expand Access to Direct Primary Care, including for Medicaid patients.”

“5. Repeal regulations that hamstring competition. States should repeal certificate of need laws, which protect incumbent hospitals from competition, and prohibitions on the corporate practice of medicine, which prevent for-profit companies from buying and reorganizing health care firms.”

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