• pisher

    4. Guess who they blame for crime–people who aren’t white! So saying “Crime is up” is code for “I’m seeing a lot more black and brown people than I used to, and I’m not comfortable with that, but I can’t say that, so I’ll say crime is up, which I assume it is, because after all, it’s those people doing all the crime so it must be!”

  • dionysus_finch

    “Why Americans Think Crime Is Worse Than It Is”, “Why Americans Think the Economy Is Worse Than It Is”, “Why Americans Think Income Inequality ISN’T As Bad As It Is”…

    How about, “Why Americans Are Wrong About So Many Fucking Things”?

  • gloriousglo2

    Gotta fill that 24/7 cable news with scary stuff. 50 years ago if somebody in Kansas drowned their puppies in the bathtub you didn’t hear about it in Philly. Now it’s “Breaking News” on Fox, usually announced as “Known Obama voter drowns his puppies!!!” The 68 year old white guy glued to his teevee hoping to ogle some blond’s mammaries laps it up……

    • pisher

      Yeah, this piece talks about local news, but they at least try to cover nice cuddly stories as well. Cable news is 24/7 gloom and doom, because they have so much airtime to fill, and people can only take so many stories about puppies and kittens.

      If it was informed coverage, that would be one thing–we need to know more about what crimes are happening, and where, and why, and to whom? But that’s not what it’s about. It’s about “Oh my gosh, there’s all these terrible things happening, and we’re going to show them to you in real time, brought to you by (fill in name of sponsor here).”

  • Vista-Cruiser

    I do understand numbers.

    But I also understand that about ten days ago, two boys put a gun to some guy’s head and robbed him of his wallet, phone, keys, and car, right in front of my house. No arrests to date.

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