Google Has a Plan to Stop Aspiring ISIS Recruits from Joining the Extremist Group

International Business Times: “According to a report by Wired, Google-owned think tank Jigsaw has been developing a program called Redirect Method, which combines Google’s search advertising algorithms and YouTube’s video feature to identify and target wannabe IS hopefuls and subsequently deter them from joining the terror group’s Armageddon-style proliferation of violence.”

“Redirect Method, which is slated to be launched in a new phase later in September, will involve the placement of advertising in any search results for specific keywords and phrases, which according to Jigsaw’s analysis, have previously been commonly used by people gravitating toward IS. The ads will display links to both Arabic and English YouTube channels.”

“The videos include testimonials from former IS members, imams denouncing the terror group’s violence and corruption of Islam and secretly filmed clips showing the internal dysfunction within IS.”

“Jigsaw’s early pilot program that took place earlier in the year exceeded expectations, with over 30,000 people in the span of two months being drawn to the anti-IS YouTube channels. Jigsaw also observed that people clicked on the program’s ads three to four times more than any other typical ad campaign.”

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