Is King Of Fakes A Scam?

After I ordered I was worried King Of Fakes was a scam but I am happy to say that is not true. Here is my review of my Missouri ID I received.

Communication: 10/10- His CS is such a nice person to talk to.  Walked me through the process and made it easy.

Template: 9/10- At first glance, you really can’t tell any difference between it and a real.  Should have no problem using in a bar, club, or liquor store.  After looking at it under a loupe, it’s blending is just the tiniest bit off from a real ID.  Also might be because my real ID is a few years old.

Photoshop: 10/10- Super professional.  Looks just like my real one.  Same everything.  Absolutely brilliant.  

Scanning: 10/10- Out of all IDs I have ever owned, this is the first one I’ve ever had that has ALL the info correct and scans my weight, height, and eye color.

Holos/OVI: 9/10- Virtually Identical to a real.  Again, slightly brighter than my real ID, but my real ID is a few years old so that may be why.

UV: 10/10- Passed through a tough club’s UV light in STL

Signature: 10/10- Not much to say, Absolutely spot on

Conclusion: The feel on this ID is just like a real.  MO is so hard to nail but these guys did it.  10/10 experience.  Will recommend to my srat for sure. 

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