How Digital Readiness Affects Job Retraining for Labor Market Growth 

Stuart Brotman: “The importance of workforce retraining is underscored in a recent report from the Pew Research Center. Its analysis of government jobs data found that for the past several decades, employment has been rising faster in jobs requiring higher levels of preparation – that is, more education, training and experience.”

“Only 17 percent of adults in the Pew Center survey were characterized as ‘digitally ready’ active learners who are confident in their ability to use digital tools to pursue e-learning. They also utilize digital outlets, such as online courses or extensive online research, to a significantly greater extent than the population at large.”

“Policymakers should look at these separate Pew Center analyses in tandem—two critical variables in any equation for sustainable job growth. Unless many more adults move into the ‘digitally ready’ category for e-learning, necessary job retraining may not benefit workers in labor sectors that are being left behind.”

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