Donald Trump Wants to Dismantle Obama’s Climate Rules. Can Anyone Stop Him?

Vox: “Donald Trump has made it perfectly clear that one of his top priorities is to dismantle the climate change regulations that President Obama has put in place over the past eight years. But the details of how he tries to do this matter enormously, and anyone interested in climate policy should pay close attention to the nuances here.”

“Trump will have a lot of power, on his own, to stall, weaken, or take apart Obama’s key climate rules, particularly the Clean Power Plan that regulates CO2 from power plants. It’s not easy, but he has a ton of leeway here.”

“The more pressing question, though, is whether Trump and the GOP Congress will pass a bill that will prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from ever regulating carbon dioxide again. If they did that, they wouldn’t just kill the Clean Power Plan — they would prevent any future presidents from tackling climate change the way Obama did.”

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