Why Turkey Is Salivating for President Trump

Steven Cook: “So what do Erdogan and his supporters like about Trump? What do they see in him that has made them declare, as one Turkish newspaper wrote, that ‘Turkey is optimistic about starting with a clean slate’ for U.S.-Turkish relations?”

“It’s not just that Trump and Erdogan share strongman tendencies like hostility toward the press and a belief in themselves as saviors to their respective nations, or that Trump’s designated national security adviser has cozy ties with the Turks. More important, the two leaders share an anti-establishment message that aligns in ways that indicate to Turks, at least the pro-Erdogan among them, that relations will improve with a Trump-led United States.”

“These parallels do not in and of themselves explain the enthusiasm with which Trump’s election was met in Turkey, however. The answer, in fact, lies in another parallel between Erdogan’s Turkey and Trump’s America: Turkey’s pro-government press and the people they represent hate the American establishment almost as much as the folks who want to ‘Make America Great Again.'”

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