The Real Legacy in Jeopardy Under the New Congress? LBJ’s.

“To be sure, Obama’s legacy is very much on the line. Yet remarkably, so is that of Lyndon B. Johnson,” Josh Zeitz writes for Politico.

“With majorities in both houses, congressional Republicans under the leadership of House Speaker Paul Ryan have signaled their plans to disassemble not just the Affordable Care Act, but also Medicaid and Medicare; to steer federal education policy away from public schools and toward charters and vouchers; to roll back voting rights and civil rights enforcement; and to make steep cuts to nutritional programs. And, despite the fact that many of these changes could have negative consequences for Trump’s base, the president-elect hasn’t signaled any resistance.”

“But before the GOP sets about the work of dismantling Lyndon Johnson’s legacy, it’s helpful to look back 50 years and consider what America looked like before the Great Society. Spoiler alert: Much of it wasn’t great.”

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