To “Save” 800 Jobs, Donald Trump Destroys Exponentially More

John Tamny: “If we forget for now the depressed economic outlook and high unemployment that is nearly always evident where politicians are most aggressively ‘saving’ jobs, Trump’s actions were not about a knight-in-shining-armor arriving to tell poorly treated businesses that ‘help is on the way.’ If the latter had even remotely informed what Trump did, then he would have simply given another well-publicized speech full of promises to greatly reduce the corporate tax burden, the regulatory burden, and any other barriers to profits that businesses face.”

“Instead, and this is what’s so shameful about some of the support on the right for Trump’s alleged ‘coup’, Trump’s actions vis-à-vis Carrier sent a strong signal that the U.S. will no longer be as hospitable a locale to the very investors who create all jobs.”

“Members of the right who should know better talk up the 800 jobs Trump allegedly ‘saved,’ but in their frightening willingness to excuse the most egregious acts of government so long as the person executing them has an R next to his name, they ignore the exponentially bigger number of jobs that will never be created in a United States that Trump is trying to turn into the proverbial Roach Motel. If investors can’t leave the U.S., they won’t enter the U.S.”

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