Trump Can Bring Jobs to the Rust Belt by Relocating Federal Agencies

Kyle Sammin: “The exception to this is in the creation of jobs through actually hiring people to work for the federal government. Here a President can actually affect the number and, more importantly, the location of the jobs the federal government provides. The best way for Trump to enact a better federal employment program that is fiscally conservative enough to satisfy a Republican Congress, therefore, is not to create more federal jobs but to move existing ones away from the Washington area and out into the rest of the country, especially in those areas that have been hurt most by long-term unemployment.”

“The move would also save the federal government money in the long term. Federal workers in expensive areas—like Washington—are paid more, to make up for the higher cost of living there. A worker in D.C. makes over 10 percent more than one doing the same job in Youngstown. Move enough workers out of expensive areas, and the savings to the taxpayers start to add up. Government workers and their families would benefit, too: 90 percent of a D.C. salary goes much farther in Youngstown than 100 percent of it goes in Washington.”

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