Trump’s Travel Ban Is Not Recruiting More Terrorists

“The argument goes like this: Jihadists believe there is a Manichaean struggle between Islam and the West. An alleged ‘Muslim ban’ plays directly into this worldview, telling Muslims that they are not safe in the un-Islamic world. No wonder they are calling the executive order a ‘blessed ban’ on Islamic State web forums… If only jihadi recruitment were so easily disrupted. Sadly it’s much more complicated,” Eli Lake writes for Bloomberg.

“A far better argument against Trump’s executive order is that it undermines our own recruitment efforts to counter the jihadists. At first the travel ban applied to translators who helped the U.S. military in Iraq, not to mention leading advocates for the Islamic State’s victims like the Yazidi-Iraqi legislator Vian Dakhil. Fortunately the Trump administration has reversed these elements of the travel ban in the last week. But the perception that America would close its doors to the people who helped us makes it harder to recruit allies against the Islamic State going forward.”

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