Obamacare Isn’t in a ‘Death Spiral.’ (Its Replacement Probably Won’t Be Either.)

New York Times: “…the new estimates from the Congressional Budget Office contradict this long-held talking point. According to the budget office, the Obamacare markets will remain stable over the long run, if there are no significant changes. The House plan would cause near-term turmoil, it found, but the markets would eventually become stable.”

“Mr. Ryan is right that the Obamacare market has endured hardships… But those recent woes are not the same as a death spiral, a term used to describe a complete market failure in which premiums spiral upward so only the sickest customers buy coverage.”

“For now, it looks as if the Republican plan would make the markets less stable in the short term, and possibly make them equally stable, if smaller, 10 years from now.”

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