Trump Can Wound Obamacare Without the Help of Congress

Casey Quinlan: “There are a number of things the administration could do to weaken the Affordable Care Act. One would be to dramatically expand the definition of ‘hardship’ — a condition that exempts people from the individual mandate — which would depress enrollment, [Edwin] Park said.”

“The administration could also unilaterally eliminate cost-sharing reduction subsidies, which bring down the amount that low- and modest-income people on marketplace plans have to pay for their health care costs. Two years ago, House Republicans brought a lawsuit against the Obama administration arguing that these subsidies were illegal because Congress had not designated appropriations for them.”

“The administration could also drop the Obama administration’s legal defense of an ACA rule mandating contraception coverage. The U.S. Department of Justice recently requested to wait until May 1 to file another status report in ongoing litigation.”

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