President Trump Should Make the Power Grid Great Again

Robert Knake: “The average American endures upwards of six hours per year without electricity. That puts the United States in the bottom category of the developed world with Portugal and Lithuania. Singapore, Germany, Japan and Denmark have close to zero down time. Urban Chinese experience less than half the downtime of an average American. It’s also a 285 percent increase since 1982, when the Department of Energy began collecting the data.”

“While power may be available 99.5 percent of the time, the economic losses from these outages are estimated at $150 billion per year. That figure puts it on par with the lower end of estimates for cybercrime.”

“And yet, despite this relatively poor level of reliability, U.S. electricity does not come cheap at an average of $0.18 per kilowatt hour. And, while there are signs that despite White House support for burning more coal, a renewable energy future is here to stay. U.S. power remains some of the dirtiest in the world. In a study of 34 countries developed countries, the United States came in 26th for the dirtiest power.”

“The United States cannot be great again unless the infrastructure that supports its economy is also great. Right now, the United States is not a leader when it comes to the reliability, cost, or environmental impact of its aging power system.”

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