Insurance Regulators Are Panicked About Obamacare’s Future

Sarah Kliff: “There is an acronym you should get ready to hear a lot in coming weeks and months: CSR. It stands for cost-sharing reductions, which the federal government pays to health insurers to lower cost sharing (things like deductibles and copays, for example) for the poorest Obamacare enrollees. Last year, the federal government paid out $7 billion through this program.”

“Long story short: The Trump administration has to decide whether it will continue to defend these CSRs — or if it will concede to the House’s case (that the administration doesn’t have authority to make these payments) and end a multibillion-dollar Obamacare funding source.”

“Insurers are desperate to know what happens to these Obamacare payments. Before deciding to enter markets or what premiums to charge they want to know if this $7 billion fund will stick around.”

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